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A Dark and Lonely Place (Tapa blanda)

Edna Buchanan

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From Pulitzer Prize winner Edna Buchanan, the novel she has always wanted to write: the gripping saga of star-crossed lovers across generations.

A century ago, when Indians and alligators roamed frontier Miami, the legendary John Ashley was accused of murder and sentenced to hang. He insisted he was innocent and went on the run with his sweetheart, Laura.

John Ashley and Laura Upthegrove became the most notorious, colorful, and compelling figures in Florida's violent outlaw history. This is their story of prison breaks, bootlegging, bank robberies, and piracy on the high seas, juxtaposed with the taut and suspenseful story of their fictional descendants who share the same passion and dangers a hundred years later.

In today's Miami, Homicide Sergeant John Ashley investigates a millionaire's spectacular murder and instantly recognizes a stunning model linked to the case as the girl who has haunted his dreams since childhood. Her name is Laura, and the lightning-fast attraction is supernaturally mutual.

The homicide case goes bad, Ashley is falsely accused of murder, and the new lovers take off. The question is, how powerful is the past? Can we change our own destiny? Or must the end always be the same for dangerous people in dangerous times?