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J2ee Simplified: A Practical Guide to J2ee Project Technologies for Project Managers and Other Non-Developer Team Members (Tapa blanda)


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"J2EE Simplified" is for project managers and other team members with little or no background in J2EE application development working on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications.

By the end of "J2EE Simplified," you'll understand and be able to explain the J2EE application flow. The very simplistic examples will show you how to follow a user's request to log on to a Web site as it travels from the Web browser, through the Internet to a Web server, onto the J2EE application server where the Java Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, and JavaServer Pages executes, and then responds back to the Web browser.

"J2EE Simplified" goes beyond the basic theory of concepts like object-oriented analysis and design, object-oriented programming, Web technologies, and J2EE, explaining how to these technologies work together in a Web application.

The goal of this J2EE introduction is to provide a foundation for non-technical project members to use and build upon as they continue to work with these technologies.